Being vs Doing

“I’ve realized that time spent on the beach relaxing does not count as relaxing if I am, in fact, thinking of all the things I could be getting done instead.” – Kate Northrup

2015-04 Lankawi

I am a bit frustrated that I still feel so tired 2 weeks into my vacation. I have trouble getting to sleep at night and feeling rested in the morning. There is so much I want to do during my vacation – long walks with the dog exploring Østfold – I haven’t taken a single one. I was going to study greek reading and writing every day – I’ve done it once. I am wanted to spend time gardening and cleaning the house – it sure needs it. I’m doing okay with the garden, not so much with the house. I was going to do yoga for one hour every day – that has been a bit sporadic, not least because I have realized that I can’t just go from 10 minutes to 1 hour daily. I guess I need a reality check there. What I’ve done best with has been daily meditations, and connecting with my family and reviving old freindships by writing some emails and making some phone calls. I have some other writing projects that I really wanted to work on as well. I am disgusted with myself because I spend way too much time on internet puzzles and netflix. Possibly I have set my ambitions too high.

Anyway, today I decided not to get up until I couldn’t stand staying in bed another minute. It helped me get to sleep last night – knowing that I didn’t have to get up at a certain time –  and I ended up lazing around in bed until 8:30. So we’ll see how this day progresses. So far my back hurts from too much time spent in bed 😛


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