My spiritual teacher


I first became aware of Belinda Davidsen  a couple of years ago, when my life was in shambles and I was looking for a way forward. I described my path to her in a blog post last year.  She recently published a YouTube video where she introduces herself and describes how she got to where she is now. This is what I’d like to share here.

I have been mentoring with Belinda since December and it is changing my life. I am discovering things about self-love and the meaning of life that I wouldn’t have thought possible. But all of what I get from the mentorship is just a more personalized and in depth continuation of what I learned in level 1 of the School of the Modern Mystic.  What I love about Belinda is that she is so grounded. It isn’t all just angels and higher realms and no practical application to everyday life. Nor is it just about techniques to make more money, succeed in love, etc. Her school builds on 3 foundational pillars:

1. Mindfulness (as described by Eckhart Tolle)

2. Working on the chakras, and here her Chakra Cleanse meditation is central and inescapable.

3. The White Light. Belinda supports her students energetically through use of the White Light both weekly and through White Light healing retreats.

For me, the chakras were a new way of understanding my self and my life. Studying and working actively on the chakras has integrated my understanding of my physical material life with my understanding of myself as a spiritual being.

The study and practice of mindfulness give me so much more control over my life, because it gives me insight in the workings of the ego as well as tools for taming and transcending the ego.

The White Light is just a mystery. And a blessing. I don’t understand it, but I do experience it.

What has changed the most in my life since discovering the School of the Modern Mystic and taking level 1 and level 2? The most important change is that things just work out now. What is called “Manifesting” in certain spiritual circles. Being present at the birth of my grandson was just one of those synchronicities. But things just seem to work out for me – and the more they do, the more faith I have that what seems impossible at the present moment, or unlikely or difficult, will somehow work out as well.

All this is to say that I cannot recommend Belinda’s level 1 course enough for anyone who wants to get a different perspective on their life and gradually learn to be the “master of their fate”. And I am privileged to be an affiliate of the School. You can learn more about the upcoming level 1 course which starts in September here:

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