This blog is about my journey through life especially about getting older. I started writing when I was 47.  I want to write about my experiences and about my personal developement. And I hope that somehow the people who read it will know me better and will be able to navigate their own lives a little better because of it. 

I used to live alone in a little 300-year-old house in south-eastern Norway which I shared with a dog and 2 cats. Although I loved living in the country on a working dairy farm, I was just too isolated. So 6 months ago I moved to a personell appartment  in the community surrounding the hospital where I work. I still have the dog, one cat and have added a beta fish to my menagerie. To my surprise I quite like hearing the front door bang as people go in and out, the sound of footsteps in the appartment above, meeting colleagues when I walk the dog. However I still struggle with not feeling at home in this country where 8 months of the year are just too dark and cold. I also have a house in Greece, on the island of Crete – I am hoping that one day I will find my home there. 

My calling is care and I work as a nurse specialist in Norway’s largest and busiest ER. My job is fun, demanding, challenging, interesting and exciting. And yet sometimes I feel that it is taking me over, swallowing me whole. There is – there must be something more. 

My tribe consists of my mother, and two brothers. My father and sister have passed away. My 4 children, and their partners and now 2 grandchildren, each a ray of sunshine in my life! My colleagues at work. I don’t have any close friends. Just people I know and like. 

I have tried marriage twice. It didn’t work out. I seem to find it difficult to create a relationship that is good for me: in which I can stretch my wings without guilt, in which I do not give more than I have to give and in which I am loved and accepted, and can find refuge from the storms of life.  

My spiritual journey was based on anthroposophy and christianity for many years. I still consider myself a christian and an anthroposophist. In the past 2 years however I have been inspired by Belinda Davidsson’s School of the Modern Mystic, Eckhart Tolle’s mindfulness teachings, and Pierre Pradervand’s “The gentle art of blessing”.

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